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The National Council for Qualifications and Examinations (NCQE) is the body that certifies exams to promote high quality public education. It is therefore important for students to have access to NCQE-approved exam timings so that they can follow their exam schedule exactly.

There are many ways in which you can acquire information about when your exam is scheduled, including contacting your NCQE centre through an enquiry form or by phone. Another alternative is to consult a personal NCQE advisor. Many will also offer a student forum for students to discuss exam schedules.

Students can also look at an online timetable of exams offered by local authorities, or by non-government organisations like The College Partnership and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Such timetables will also include information about the mode of examination as well as admission requirements and fees.

Timetable information can also be obtained from a private tutor who provides exam coaching. However, if you have a very busy timetable, this could prove difficult, especially if there are many other students scheduled for the same examination.

There are websites that offer fee-based solutions to help make your exam schedules available to you on an online platform. Such services charge an initial fee to set up a member-only membership, which is then used to access student details and timetable details.

Some such websites also provide fee-based tuition for exams, from tutors who will work with students via the internet, as well as from lecturers who will provide a written tutorial through email. These services are suitable for students who would otherwise struggle to find a good tutor.

Although these websites can be very useful, many find that they do not always provide a complete picture of exam timings. An important piece of information that most sites do not provide is the full address of the centre where your exam is taking place.

Often exam centres have additional options and may offer an online submission of paperwork or a wider range of resources. Therefore, for students who need to make their timetable available, it is important to check with the centre to find out whether your exam is taking place at a centre that offers this additional option.

In addition, most student centers will provide advice about choosing the right exam and venue for your exams. The NCQE will provide detailed information about exam centres in each country, and what students can expect there.

The area of study offered at an exam centre will vary according to each centre. It is important to consider which class size you are likely to attend, how many compulsory modules you will have taken and how many exams you have had taken so far.

The NCQE website also provides information about exam centres in the UK. This can help students who need to find out more about exam centres outside of their own area, or who want to learn more about the exam centre they have chosen.

At the end of the day, it is a good idea to choose an exam centre that offers both online coaching and tuition. For those who prefer to take on-site tuition, it is also important to choose an exam centre that offers an extensive range of self-study tutorials, as well as those taught by professional tutors.

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