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I have my exam tomorrow meaning in hindi in the morning. My daughter is going to take her university entrance exam this coming weekend. What should I do about taking my exam service for university in my absence?

I feel that she should not have to take the test. I mean, her school is already trying to help her through this test but then again, if it was me, I wouldn’t want my child to be punished for something that she did not do. I am sure it will be OK in the end.

Anyway, I will wait until the end of term before the exams are over and then I will go home and let her go on with her test and just have a nap on my bed. After that, I will take my exam service for university. The things that I have learned about this exam are, it is going to be pretty tough.

I must admit that my daughter must be pretty tired by now. So, I will probably take the exams from the computer in my home and this means that she will have to sit and wait for me to come home for it. Is it a good idea for me to be gone when she is taking the test?

If I did not have my test, how could I pay for my daughter’s tuition fees? It does not make sense for me to pay her tuition fees to go to university while I will be busy looking for a job. What do you think?

Try to think of an answer first. Why don’t you get a vacation and read all about what you can do for your child who has taken an exam in your absence?

Of course, the other option is to just look for something to do during the days that your child will be taking the test. If you decide to just leave her alone, you should take your time to find some free activities that you can do together.

One thing that I think will work well in my case is to teach her some of the things that I know about taking an exam. Like, I believe that there is a little trick to doing well in an exam. So, you can read up a little bit on exams and if I can help her with these exams.

You should practice some of the things that you learned from me. I am not the best at this so, maybe I can give her a hand here. I can teach her how to answer the questions in an exam and how to correctly type in the answers.

The idea is that you will bring a study guide with you and your daughter will be able to learn from my mistakes. She will be able to not make as many mistakes and then she will be able to do better on the exam.

This will help her a lot to prepare for the practice exam because it will give her a little confidence. So, if you really want to give your daughter some help, what are you waiting for?

Have a great time today and try to find some free things that you can do together so that you can have fun while your daughter is taking her exams. These tips are great for taking the exams without your child. I am sure that if you were able to take them in the past, they will also help you out.

Posted on May 30, 2020 in Take My Examination

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