The Myth That My Final Exam Is Worth 20 Percent

Many students have misconceptions about taking their final exams and the value of spending their final weeks studying. They believe that a grade of 90% will tell them whether they will pass or fail and that it’s not worth spending any more time on the subject.

If they are disappointed, they find it hard to get over the feeling that their peers got all the course materials done quicker. It makes them feel as if they should have been able to complete the work faster.

Students who think their final exams are worth nothing have different reasons for thinking this. Some think that their grades won’t be good enough to get them into university and that they will spend their last months studying.

They therefore feel they will probably fail their final exams and for that reason find the idea of spending long hours of studying demoralising. They don’t think their grades will be high enough to allow them to succeed.

Others fear they may lose some aspect of their independence as they spend all their time preparing for their final exams. They fear that with their studies already well advanced, their parents may withdraw financial support if they fail.

There is also the idea that tests provide a great source of stress. Most students find that the pressure of exams forces them to study much harder than normal, which increases the amount of time taken and the difficulty of the work.

Finally, the idea that taking the final exams will damage their chances of getting into university is common among many students. They believe that university admissions will reject them because of their poor grades.

Instead of taking their studies seriously, they get caught up in the thought of getting into university. They don’t see how the study is related to that one goal and that is why they fail to understand how their study matters to them.

Despite the different reasons for failing, students often wonder what other options they have if they find they have a low percentage passing their final exams. Other students are confused about whether taking their exam service for university will help them pass the final exams.

Taking their exam service for university seems like a logical option as there are many services available to help students reach their goals. Students can search for options online and choose the best one for them.

Students who fail their final exams may find out the reasons why they failed early in the morning before going to school. The feeling of defeat will be fresh for them and they may be in tears.

When this happens, it can help them improve their chances of passing their final exams. By taking their exams service for the university, the student can learn how to study and to be prepared for the final exams.

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